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DTR is pleased to offer the SOLUTIONS CENTER to you - our customer. It is our hope that you will find the information here helpful in providing YOUR customers with solutions that make sense AND make you money. DTR is in the business of providing solutions - custom solutions that will help enhance your profile and credibility with your customers and prospects. If you would like additional information or detailed pricing on these DTR SOLUTIONS or if you would like to discuss developing a custom solution with DTR - just contact your account manager or DTR Sales at 800-598-5721 - .


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DTR Solutions

DTR, SCO and Intel - BIS Success Story
Wireless Security

Intel / BIS Success

Tandberg 1U LTO-2 StorageLoader
Intel Inside

Tandberg 1U StorageLoader

DTR NAS - Network Attached Storage
Intel Inside

DTR NAS Solutions

DTR and Intel - GMS Case Study
Intel Inside

Intel / GMS Case Study

Wireless Network Solution Study - Petroleum Data Milan Technology

Milan / Petroleum Data Solution

Equinox Console Management Solutions
Equinox CCM

Equinox CCM

SCOoffice - An Exciting Alternative to Microsoft Exchange SCO<i>office</i> Server


SavWareHA - The High Availability Solution for SCO Unix SavWareHA - High Availability Solutions


Voice Over IP - The Next Logical Step VOIP from Multi-Tech Systems

Multi-Tech VOIP

Microlite - UNIX/Linux Backup Solutions ** Now With Encryption **
Microlite BackupEDGE

Microlite BackupEDGE

Secure Terminal Emulation Products - J.River ICE Secure Terminal Emulation - J.River ICE

J.River ICE

Tandberg LTO - Ultrium-2 Tape Drives Tandberg LTO Ultrium-2

Tandberg LTO Ultrium-2

Network Attached Storage by InoStor NAS by InoStor

NAS by InoStor

Perle UltraPort USB - A Solution for Retail / POS Perle UltraPort USB

Perle UltraPort USB

Lone-Tar UNIX / Linux Backup - v4.1.1 Released Lone-Tar v4.1.1

Lone-Tar v4.1.1

TuneUp - Troubleshoot Bottlenecks & Optimize UNIX Performance
TuneUp by Olympus

TuneUp by Olympus

Multi-Tech - Internet Security Appliances Offer Performance & Value
Multi-Tech Internet Security Appliances

Multi-Tech Internet Security Appliances

Innovative Printing Solutions for Business
Printek Printing Solutions

Printek Printing Solutions

Serial Connectivity in a Network Environment
Equinox ESP Serial Hubs

Equinox ESP Serial Hubs

Thin Client Solutions
TeleVideo TeleClients

TeleVideo Thin Clients