DTR Status - Utility Software

DTR Status - Utility Software

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DTR Offers Utility Software

Utility software often plays a critical role in the successful deployment of systems in a multi-user environment. Whether providing a user-friendly interface for data and system backups, providing an efficient means for system recovery in the event of a disaster, offering users enhanced connectivity functionality or improved productivity, these software products can go a long way towards overall customer satisfaction.

DTR is pleased to offer utility software from the industry leaders. Take a look at the product summaries below and contact DTR sales for additional product information and pricing. Make sure that you are offering the complete solution that your customers need. If you don't - someone else will.

Microlite BackupEDGE offers SCO and Linux users with a backup and disaster recovery solution that is both comprehensive and easy to use. Fully utilizing a variety of backup medium, BackupEDGE is full featured - complete solution - and is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED by the DTR technical staff. The latest version also offers FULL data encryption and is an absolute must for any installation with HIPPA compliance or other data security considerations. BackupEDGE deserves a closer look.

Facet Corporation is the developer of FacetWin, Facet Term and the new Facet Term DT. These commercial-grade, fully supported products offer robust terminal emulation along with comprehensive file and print services. To provide your customers with the UNIX to Windows connectivity that they need, you need the products of Facet.

With innovative technology solutions and services, Symantec helps individuals and enterprises protect and manage their digital assets. Symantec provides a wide range of solutions including enterprise and consumer security, data management, application and infrastructure management, security management, storage and service management, and response and managed security services.

J.River is the developer of a variety of products for the UNIX market space. Their very popular ICE products (ICE TCP Pro, ICE TCP Plus and ICETEN) provide solutions to some of your customer's more challanging problems. DTR is proud to offer the products of J.River.

VSI-FAX by Esker offers a powerful and innovative approach to server based faxing. Fully compatible with all UNIX flavors as well as Windows, VSI-FAX is the faxing solution for your customers.

TapeWare by Yosemite is the preferred backup utility for Windows servers and workstations. With a variety of modules available, TapeWare can be configured to the exact requirements of most any installation. With the increasing complexity of today's networked environments, you need a backup utility that will keep up and provide the confidence of reliable data protection. TapeWare is THE solution for your Windows environments.

Lone-Tar by Cactus Software has established itself as one of the Industry's Premier Backup and Recovery Software for UNIX and LINUX Operating Systems. With its Fast and Accurate Backups, plus Powerful and Easy to use Recovery options, Lone-Tar is an excellent choice for a backup you can trust - and isn't that the point ?

Olympus TuneUp is "The Premier Remote Support & Automatic Performance Optimizing Tool for the SCO UNIX Market". Use TuneUp to monitor system activity and diagnose performance and system stability problems. Take total control with TuneUp.

Century Software is a recognized leader in the terminal emulation industry. A SCO Strategic Partner for more than 18 years, the TERM, TinyTERM, and TinyTERM Plus products have proven themselves in more than 1.2 million installations worldwide. Century Software - The Leader in Desktop-to-Host Connectivity!

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