DTR Status - Data Storage Options

DTR Status - Data Storage Options

General Information

As storage capabilities (and demands) have grown dramtically, the need for a dependable data backup / storage strategy has never been stronger. High-capacity, high-performance data backup solutions have become an integral part of any server deployment and rank high on the list of most IT professionals. It is no longer a matter of - "Throw in a tape drive and forget it" - an effective data backup plan needs to be developed and implemented.

DTR has the options that you need to succesfully tackle this issue. We can assist you not only in providing the backup hardware - tape drives, removable media, auto-loaders and network storage (NAS) - but also the utility software to make it hapeen for UNIX, Linux and Windows-based platforms. Additionally, we can assist you in developing a "Disaster Preparedness" plan that you can present to your customer. DTR takes data backup very seriously - you should too.

The quality, reliability and performance of Tandberg tape drives is legendary. In fact, Tandberg tapre products are frequently the best and in some case the only choice for dependable data storage. A wide variety of SLR drives - with capacities up to 140GB, plus LTO drives - single tape capacity of 800GB as well as auto-loader capabilities of more than 3 TERABYTES, Tandberg is an exceptional choice.

Sony tape products offer a new and refreshing approach to tape backups. The AIT line of products offer very affordable storage solutions - backed by the reputation of Sony. These drives - with capacities up to 520GB - routinely offer a cost-effective solutions for your customers' storage challanges. Auto-loader tape libraries offer enhanced capacity with up to 8.32TB in a 2U form.

The REV drive from Iomega is a revolutionary product. It offers a very attractive price point as well as the speed associated with its removeable DISK format. Restoring single files is lightning fast and the media is VERY durable. Check out the Iomega REV or the REV auto-loader - you'll be pleasantly surprised.

DTR NAS is a solutions that makes sense for nearly EVERY customer installation. This exciting technology offers not only an attractive mechanism for server backup (disk-to-disk-to-tape) but, also provides a very affordable option to back-up the data on client PC workstations. DTR NAS can even be configured to accept data over a WAN making it a welcome part of any comprehensive disaster plan. Talk to your DTR Account Manager about the flexibility AND affordability of DTR NAS.

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