DTR Status - Operating Systems

DTR Status - Operating Systems

General Information

DTR is proud of a long-standing relationship with SCO. In fact, deploying SCO-based servers to resellers like you has helped make DTR the company we are today. With such a history - DTR is uniquely qualified to provide you with outstanding support and technical assistance in configuring you DTR Status server for maximum performance and reliabitly. Don't risk your mission critical deployments to an unstable operating enviornment and don't risk using a system from someone who thinks they know SCO because they can correctly spell UNIX. With DTR you have it all - SCO UNIX expertise, expert technical advice and support and the reliable performance of the DTR Status server.
Quite simply put - DTR KNOWS SCO.

Everyone knows about the server products of Microsoft. Everyone knows the dominant place they have in today's business setting. Everyone knows that configuring these complex products can present technical challenges. What you may not know is how DTR can handle Microsoft server integration.

Count on DTR !! Our technical staff understands what it takes to setup and configure Microsoft servers. We understand how to maximize performance, stability and reliability - and will handle it all. So if you need a server utilizing Microsoft Windows Server 2003, Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft SQL Server or Small Business Server - whether you simply need licenses or fully integrated Microsoft server - turn to DTR and get it done right.

It is next to impossible to pick-up a technology industry publication - or even USA Today - without reading about Linux. As an operating system, Linux - and particularly Red Hat Enterprise Linux, is experiencing exceptional acceptance and growth. More and more resellers and developers are now turning to the "open-source" product as an answer to increasing "cost" pressure from their business customers.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux
As more and more of DTR's customers consider Linux as an alternative to AIX, Microsoft, HPUX and SCO, DTR is prepared to assist. We build the DTR Status server with industry standard components, so integrating your Linux configuration is easily done. With DTR as your partner, Linux is now an option for you.

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