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DTR Offers Network Options

DTR's approach to system integration and implementation is a bit different than most - we realize that the server itself is NOT the only piece of the puzzle. So, we offer the networking - LAN, WAN and VPN - products you need along with FULL network integration. We can make your next network installation go smoothly. We know what questions to ask (and the BEST answers) so that when installation day comes there are NO SURPRISES. And, no surprises means peace of mind, increased profits and enhanced customer satisfaction.

DTR also offers a unique service called PREMIUM CARE. This upgrade to the manufacturers warranty or even "on-site" service provides assistance with troubleshooting and device re-configuration when needed. With PREMIUM CARE from DTR, you can rest easy knowing that you have one place to turn for answers - answers you can trust. Stop worrying and wondering - TURN IT OVER TO DTR.

Multi-Tech Systems

Multi-Tech Systems has a long standing and highly favorable reputation in the communications sector. After years of being know for providing quality modems and multiplexers, Multi-Tech has become a growing and influential provider of Internet Security Appliances. DTR has seen the implementation of network security devices and Virtual Private Networks (VPN) experience rapid growth and acceptance in recent years. With total, turn-key integration and configuration support from DTR you can easily and successfully deploy VPN solutions for your customers.

Milan Technolgies offers products to assist in the efficient operation of your networks. Managed an unmanaged, high-performance switches, print servers and media converters are all available for Milan Technologies and DTR.

Milan Technology

Cymphonix offers a robust line of network appliances designed to help you and your customers monitor and control your network traffic. Bandwidth shaping, protection from viruses, spyware, adware and more, Cymphonix products empower you to TAKE CONTROL of your WAN traffic with an easy to deploy and easy to use network appliance.

It is absolutely AMAZING how many business netowrks are vulnerable to attack. They are just sitting there waiting to be struck by someone - waiting to be compromised. Don't let your customer be the next statistic - WIRELESS NETWORK SECURITY is affordable and easy to configure and support with LucidLink - available from DTR.

Lucid Link
Patton Electronics

While you may not be familiar with Patton Electronics, you most likely are familiar (and possibly have used) the products manufactured by Patton. These products can provide exceptional network flexibility and will enable you to accomplish extraordinary things for your customers. Talk to your DTR account manager to see how Patton products can be used to the advantage of your customer networks.

Cisco System is the industry standard when it comes to network communication and security. With Cisco, you not only have the performance, quality and flexibility that users demand - but the added benefit of the having the reputation of the undisputed leader in network reliability standing behind you. Add to that the expert configuration and support of DTR standing beside you and you have a formula for network success.

Cisco Systems

Adtran manufactures a comprehensive line of value-priced, high-performance network routers. Available from DTR, these top-quality network devices offer resellers a cost competitive alternative to Cisco. As with ALL network implementations, DTR is ready and able to offer you all the support that you may need.

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