DTR Status - System Add-Ons

DTR Status - System Add-Ons

General Information

DTR Offers System Add-Ons

DTR is proud of our relationships with some of the leading manufacturers of server add-on products. Often, your configuration will require serial connectivity or a high capacity tape drive - but, many server manufacturers just aren't able to accomodate your needs. You end up spending valuable time breaking open the system and installing and configuring these products on your own. At DTR we know that is just doesn't make any sense to buy a server that is incomplete.

DTR installs and tests the ENTIRE SERVER as a complete unit. We'll install the hardware, load the correct drivers and fully test the system add-ons that you need. We think that a COMPLETE system is just better - and most importantly, it is what you deserve.

DTR and Digi enjoy a long and successful partnership. When it comes to serial connectivity that offers performance, reliability and functionality - Digi simply, CANNOT BE BEAT. Bus-based I/O products, network based terminal / device servers, console managers and a wide range of USB host products are all available from Digi Int'l. DTR proudly offers the entire Digi product line - because Digi solves problems.

Digi Int'l
Equinox Systems

Equinox has built a reputation in the multi-port serial connectivity arena with it's award-winning SST (SuperSerial Technology) line of products. The SST products offer a flexible, reliable and cost-effective serial connectivity solution. DTR carries the full Equinox line including console servers, serial hubs, device/terminal servers and dial access products.

American Power Conversion (APC) is THE name when it comes to power protection. Whether you need to protect a single server or complete data center, APC has the right products. APC also has a flexible line of rack enclosures to help you deploy a rack-based environment for your customers. DTR recommends that ALL multi-user servers as well as all mission critical peripherals (switches, routers, firewalls etc) be protected by the products of APC.

American Power Conversion
Perle Systems

Perle is your source for serial I/O solutions. Whether your installation requires the functionality and dependability of their RIO, SX or I/O 8 serial adapters or the robust quality of the IOLAN and LinkStream terminal servers -- Perle is the choice to make.

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