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DTR is very familiar with the adage - "Time Is Money". We deal with it - our customers deal with it - in fact, we all must deal with it on a daily basis. Time is a valuable commodity and we must choose how to spend it (or waste it). When deploying servers for your customers, time has always played an important role - the customer waits around for months sometimes and when they finally place the order, they want delivery yesterday. So often, this "customer urgency" has required you to "settle" for less than the best - NEVER AGAIN.

The DTR QSS Program is THE solution you've been looking for - DTR QSS gives you everything you need WHEN you need it. We designed QSS to take the complex job of deploying servers and make it just as simple and straight-forward as possible.

DTR QSS Program

See just how easy DTR QSS is:

  1. Pick Your System Configuration
    DTR QSS offers a flexible variety of configurations - Pentium 4 and Xeon, choice of memory, disk (including mirrored RAID) and tape drive. All QSS servers utilize the TOP QUALITY motherboards of Intel®.
  2. Select Your Operating Environment
    Available now with SCO OpenServer 5, OpenServer 6, Windows Server 2003, MS SQL, MS Exchange and Microsoft Small Business Server 2003, (Linux coming soon). The DTR QSS Program includes loading a "base" O/S configuration from an image optimized by the DTR Technical Team.
  3. Sit Back and Let DTR Handle It
    It is really that simple !! Your system, with the pre-configured and loaded O/S will be out the door in just a few days. With DTR QSS you have the confidence of a QUALITY BUILT Intel® server - backed by the technical expertise of DTR. You just can't go wrong - give it a try today !!

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