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DTR is proud of our long-term relationship with SCO. DTR is a direct distributor of the ENTIRE SCO product line - if you are a SCO developer, reseller or vertical solution provider - team up with DTR - it's a decision you will not regret.

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  • SCO Announces Price Increase - 5.0.7 and 7.1.3 Upgrades
    • SCO recently announced that new pricing will take effect on November 1st, 2006. This price increase effects TRADE-IN and UPGRADE licenses only - and only on the OpenServer 5.0.7 and Unixware 7.1.3 platforms. If your customers are needing upgrades for these platforms, now is the time to get them to move. All orders placed prior to 10/31/2006 for delivery prior to 11/1/2006 will be processed under the current pricing - after that, you will pay more. Contact your DTR Account Manager for specific pricing - or with your questions.

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  • SCO Announces Retirement of OpenServer 5.0.6
    • On September 30, 2005, SCO announced the official retirement of SCO OpenServer 5.0.6. All new licenses, upgrades and trade-ins (including add'l users) will no longer be available after December 31, 2005. If you are still using 5.0.6 the time has come to make the move to 5.0.7 or OpenServer 6.
    • Click Here to read the offical product retirement

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The most reliable operating system just got more powerful. With the release of OpenServer 6, SCO now offers users the best solution for deploying applications in a secure, stable and robust environment. PLUS, with the new "Starter Edition", SCO OpenServer 6 offers an attractive alternative for low-cost, low-end "appliance" or specialized user server installations.

DTR and many of DTR's customers are excited about OpenServer 6 and are ready to deploy on OSR6 sooner rather than later. DTR is shipping our custom-built Intel server line pre-loaded with OpenServer 6 and testing has proven out the claims.

SCO OpenServer 6 Product Announcement

SCO Openserver 5.0.7 - 6.0 Comparison Chart

Info on SCO OpenServer 6
Info on SCO OpenServer 5

SCO OpenServer systems have been the de facto operating system platform for small and medium sized businesses for over a decade. With the latest generation of OpenServer systems, you can easily expand your computing environment as your business computing needs grow. If you want a rock solid platform to deploy your applications, you should choose SCO OpenServer - you simply can't beat the performance and reliability of this technology stalwart. And, now with the release of version 5.0.7, the committment to SCO's most popular operating system is unquestioned.

DTR's expertise in the configuration and support of OpenServer systems is unsurpassed. Our technical team can recommend the optimal configuration for your specific needs and provide you with unparalleled support. DTR Status servers are available in a variety of configurations to maximize the power of OpenServer - with DTR, "getting it right" is a way of life - every day.

SCO OpenServer 5.0.7 Product Announcement

UnixWare 7.1.4 is the mature and proven operating system to support your most critical line of business applications, yet is affordably priced to host all compute needs. It has been updated with additional features, even tighter security, and supports leading edge hardware platforms and peripherals from the world's leading OEMs. A new low entry level edition has been added and is configured and priced for low budget pilot projects, edge of network services and line of business applications for small companies.

SCO UnixWare 7.1.4 Product Announcement

Info on SCO UnixWare 7
Info on SCO Office Server

SCO office Server 4.1 for OpenServer provides a reliable, easy-to-use, and truly cost-effective mail and collaboration server powered by the proven SCO OpenServer 5.0.7 Operating System technology. SCO office includes support for popular mail clients like Microsoft Outlook, Qualcomm Eudora and Ximian Evolution. The SCO office Server provides essential Outlook compatibility for sharing email, calendars, discussion groups, address groups and tasks. DTR and SCO have put together several exciting promotions and bundles - make sure to check them out.

SCOoffice Server Product Announcement