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Intel - Real Servers

What can real servers do for your business? A real server based on the Intel® Xeon™ processor can deliver more of everything that’s important to your business:

  • More dependability.

    • Servers have high-reliability features that PCs don’t.
  • More value.

    • A real server can boost your productivity through more non-stop operation, higher productivity, and lower maintenance costs.
  • More growing room.

    • Servers are designed to grow with your business. Add memory, storage, and peripherals as your business and computing needs grow.
  • More performance.

    • The Intel Xeon processor is designed to run multiple applications at once, process more data, and ensure data reliability. Plus, one server can run two Intel Xeon processors, increasing your computing power.
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All DTR servers feature the Intel® family of processors as well as Intel® chassis and other Intel components. DTR server configurations scale nicely from the price-sensitive Pentium 4, to the performance-minded, value-conscious Pentium 4D - with DUAL CORE technology, all the way up to dual or quad Xeon systems for maximum performance and reliability. DTR servers also feature Intel® server chassis - for the stability, performance and reliability that comes from Intel® engineering.

Intel® servers from DTR are simply your BEST CHOICE.

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