Redhat Linux Integration Specification

form date: 5-6-2020

If you have ordered a Redhat Linux system to be integrated by DTR, please fill in the following blanks and then click the Submit button found at the buttom of this page.

Enter your name (REQUIRED)
Enter your company name (REQUIRED)
Enter your email address (REQUIRED) in case we have questions
Type an identifying phrase so we will know which system or site this info applies to (eg end-user company name, address, and/or server function)

Enter the desired system name (max 8 characters, no punctuation or spaces)
Enter the desired local domain name for this Redhat Linux server

Time Zone

If disks are in a RAID array, setup this RAID level:

Disk Drive 0 (or Array 0 if raid) (where the Operating System will be installed)

drive 1 (or Array 1 if raid) (if present) drive 2 (or Array 2 if raid) (if present) drive 3 (or Array 3 if raid) (if present) drive 4 (or Array 4 if raid) (if present)

primary NIC card (ethernet) or leave the default DTR test values:

RMM NIC (for out-of-band system health monitoring, if any)

second NIC card (if any) or leave the default DTR test values:

root password (You MUST enter a password. It should not be a dictionary word or name)

If any Digi PortServers are on the order

Install optional package(s)?

Disable GUI?

Enter any other special instructions or requests: (Please press ENTER at the end of each line so no line is too long. You may copy/paste into this box as it will hold thousands of characters of input.

Please review all of the above information and then click the Submit button to send it to the DTR Integration group. You do not need to do anything further after you click Submit below.