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Launch Pad for DTR Customers

DTR is pleased to offer our customers with enhanced access to our internal database. We feel that offering you this information access will prove to be valuable and will help to improve your overall customer experience with DTR. A login / password must be set-up prior to access - please contact your DTR Account Manager to obtain the appropriate information.

We value your opinion - send your comments to

We know that finding product information on manufacturer's web site can be cumbersome and time-consuming. With that in mind, DTR has devleoped a LIBRARY of useful product information - all in one place - all easy to find. This should be you first place to look - it just might save some of your valuable time.

The information in the DTR Library is updated frequently - so check back soon.

DTR wants to make it easy to contact our support team with your questions, concerns and service needs. If you need the assistance of the DTR support team, please submit your request by filling out a request form. It's quick and easy.

Your request will be sent via e-mail to a mailbox that is monitored by the entire technical support staff as well as DTR management.

DTR is proud of the award-winning technical support that we provide to our customers. Our technical expertise is an integral part of what makes DTR different from other technology products distributors - it is a vital part of the DTR DIFFERENCE. The DTR technical Site

Please Note: The information available here is provided solely as a convenience for our customers. As such, this accuracy and usefulness of this information is not guaranteed and contains no warranty - expressed or implied. While we believe it to be up-to-date and accurate, you may find an error - please don't be alarmed and simply contact DTR with your questions or concerns.