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Doing Business With DTR

Doing Business With DTR is Easy

Why Do Business With DTR ??
  • If you want to have a relationship with a sales team instead of the "next available order taker". . . .
  • If you want to work with a company that truly values your business (regardless of your size). . . .
  • If you want a sales experience that's EASY. . . .
  • If you can benefit from value-added technical expertise and innovation. . . .
  • If you are ready to deal with the distributor with a DIFFERENCE. . . .

DTR is pleased to offer DTR INTERACTIVE
THE place for you to access useful account information on-line 24/7

See How Easy It Is To Deal With DTR
  • Give DTR a call at 800-598-5721
  • Or you can SEND US AN E-MAIL and a DTR Account Manager will call you


DTR Business Systems - Useful Documents

Product Offering

Customer Profile

Credit Application
for Terms

Credit Card Form

Product Offering
Customer Profile Form
Credit Application Form
Credit Card Form

California Resale Form

Arizona Resale Form

State of California - Resale Form
State of Arizona - Resale Form

To receive any of these documents via FAX
Please call your Account Manager or DTR at 800-598-5721