DTR - The Value-Added Distributor with a Difference

About DTR

DTR was founded in 1983 and has always focused on providing resellers and vertical software developers with reliable technical solutions. That focus continues today. DTR routinely provides our customers with the very best in both technical products and technical support. DTR values the relationship that is developed with our customers, prospects and suppliers and is committed to the success of each. In the technical solutions business it is important that the "solution" actually "solve the problem" and that is precisely what DTR is about. DTR partners with you to provide technical solutions to the challenges facing your customers.



Should You Choose DTR ?

Choosing the right vendor can be a difficult thing to do. The decision is full of risks and some can be expensive - costing you time and money. It is very much to your advantage to make sure that you don't make the wrong choice. So why should you consider doing business with DTR? The answer to this important question is found in the answers to these questions.

  • What can DTR do for me ?
    That is a great question!!
    • DTR offers technology products and services from industry leading manufacturers. We carefully select only those products that offer the performance and reliability that resellers need.
    • DTR provides exceptional technical support - we help you by filling in any gaps and provide a additional layer of support that can often "save the day".
    • DTR account managers are not order-takers - your account manager is more like a "technical consultant" - providing advice and recommendations that will help you put together the solution that your customer needs.
    • DTR knows you - NOT your account number. We value the relationship that we have with EACH customer.

  • What about prices ?

    Prices are always an important part of the equation - let's face it, without good prices you can't make a profit. So, let's talk about prices. DTR offers all the products we sell at a FAIR price. Is DTR always the lowest? No. Many of our products are priced below what you would pay from some of our competitors - in fact some products are at prices below what you would pay even if you deal directly with the manufacturer. But, on occasion you might find the same product priced a bit lower - and that's OK. DTR chooses not to play the low margin games that tend to get distributors in trouble. DTR wants to be a vendor that you can count on and that requires that we make a FAIR profit - just like you do with your customers. If you find a lower price - just talk to your DTR account manager - in many cases we can work with you to make it happen. Oh - and make sure that you don't forget one of the keys to success - VALUE. Price is only a PART of the equation - DTR makes sure that you get excellent VALUE.

  • Will DTR be there when I need them ?
    • DTR has been in the computer distribution business since 1983 and the founding partners are still running the business today.
    • DTR is in the relationship business and does what it takes to make them last - DTR's very first customer is STILL a customer today.
    • DTR is totally debt free, financially strong and continues to expand while others are going the other way - closing offices, cutting services and laying off employees.
    • DTR has developed an experienced team of experts in the technology field that are dedicated to providing our customers with the very best customer service anywhere.
    • DTR is NOT going away - DTR is here to stay - DTR WILL be there for you.

  • Is the benefit worth the risk ?

    Now this is most likely a judgement that only you can make - so here's a couple of questions for you.

    • Are you ready to deal with a company that cares about you and your business?
    • Are you looking for a distributor that offers quality products at fair prices - plus provides award-winning support?
    • Do you want to develop a business relationship with a technology team that know what they are doing?
    If you answered YES to these questions - then you really need to get to know DTR it's time for you to DISCOVER THE DTR DIFFERENCE.